Writefriend Derek's Story Collection

Sep 3

Well that’s the last one

All my old stories are here now. So… yeah. Not sure what to do now. Guess I’ll just leave this tumblr up for anyone to see. If anyone cares.

Enjoy the crappy stories!


Anna & Thomas (NSFW)

A routine training session turns into something more between a trainer and her Ivysaur.

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A Mischievous Night for a Monster Fox (NSFW)

A trickster gets more than they bargained for when they’re got creating chaos in the dead of the night.

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Heartache is Never an Ending

Jaded and rejected by someone she loved, a heartbroken Lucario stumbles upon a fortunate soul who mends her shattered feelings.

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Only three more stories left to post

The first is a Male Zoroark/Female Lucario SFW short story, another is a Female Zoroark/Male Trainer NSFW one and the last a Male Ivysaur/Female Trainer NSFW one. The latter is… I’ll admit, not one of my favorites I’ve done, but I’ll post it if some want to read it.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t regained my writing drive, so those are all the stories I have. I have received requests and new ideas, and I have a few incomplete works saved on my computer… I just haven’t got the motivation to work on them unfortunately. OTL


Aug 7

Macy & Leon (NSFW)

An MMA fighter and her star Pokemon decide to do some unwinding after a long training session at the gym.

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The Fires of Love & Friendship (NSFW)

My name is Jade and my story is one that may or may not be familiar to you. It is a story of finding love in the most unexpected of places. It is about the taboos of life and my struggles with guilt and temptation. It’s a story that I’m sure you’ve all heard before, but not like mine. For my story is about the love I share for my most trusted friend Leo


A Shiny Blaziken.

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Aug 2

The Ongoing Adventures of Krad Dashow: KANTO

Chapter 3: Viridian City

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The Ongoing Adventures of Krad Dashow: KANTO

Chapter 2: Route 1

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The Ongoing Adventures of Krad Dashow: KANTO

Every year, thousands of youths across the regions begin their Pokémon journey to become Pokémon Trainers. Some do it for fun, others for glory; whatever the motivation, all start fairly the same way: a trip to the local Pokémon lab to receive a “starter” Pokémon, the first of many they will encounter, battle with, and catch in their journey. At the age of ten, Krad Dashow is ready to begin his Pokémon adventure, but unknown to him, is the many twists and turns his journey will take him.


These are his stories.


Chapter 1: Start 

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